Rory McIlroy, Moore and Chappell completed inside four to 12 sticks copper negative accomplishment. In the play-off arrangement, Chappell was disposed of in the primary opening for standard just focuses (5, gap 18) while his two adversaries have scored birdie.

McIlroy and two FedEx Cup and Tour Championship Cup. Photograph: Reuters.

On the following play-off gap, McIlroy and Ryan Moore kept on contending in gap 18 and the invulnerable when both scored standard. Air golfers next two gaps in the third play-off spot with a standard stick, this time they contend in 15 openings, standard 3. The opening play-off was not until the fourth objective scored brushed birdie from around 4.6 m at the new 16 gaps help McIlroy beat Moore.


This triumph brought the golfers of the world’s three $ 1.5 million prize cash for the title Tour Championship and FedEx Cup 2,000 focuses, enough for him to beat Dustin Johnson, stashed $ 10 million reward from the rundown this flag.

Shot in motivated chip-shot 18 helped McIlroy gaps a place in the play-offs. Photograph: Reuters.

Dustin Johnson entered the Tour Championship with a main position in the FedEx Cup race. In the initial three rounds, he has constantly kept up a main position. Be that as it may, at the most recent day of the competition, the US Open champion three sticks positive, bringing about accomplishment of his aggregate dropped to short five sticks and let slip the title. Before four, Johnson drives McIlroy two sticks.

At the eighteenth opening, McIlroy had a stupor dealing with circumstances, a chip shot from the dugout broke pit area only 0.5m, to then effectively gotten shot birdie helped him record, winning an appraised limit play-off.