Not long after saying farewell Xiaomi, Hugo Barra has immediately come back to Silicon Valley as a pioneer creating parts of the Facebook virtual reality, including the Oculus.

This choice was the CEO Mark Zuckerberg reported: “Both Hugo and I share the conviction that virtual reality and expanded reality will be the foundation without bounds. The two advances will give us a totally new ordeal and raise a remarkable imagination. Hugo will help make this future, and I am exceptionally anxious to him in my group. ”


Hugo Barra part beforehand held VP of item administration for Google Android for quite a long time, later he exited Google, and held the position of Vice President at Xiaomi in 4 years; and Barra Xiaomi has declared to leave for reasons of “achy to go home”.

Hugo Barra not just helped Android turn into the versatile working framework world’s most prominent, additionally help the business circumstance of solid development Xiaomi. In this way, when Facebook had been Barra might want “tiger grew wings.” Recently, Facebook demonstrates the organization is centered around AR and VR innovation, and Barra had involvement with product offerings, for example, Mi VR , so Hugo Barra is exceptionally reasonable for future headings that Facebook postures.

Hugo Barra to Facebook to occur with regards to Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe’s is wanting to leave. What’s more, at this time, Facebook is additionally entrapped in a fight in court in the round of acquisitions virtual reality stage above. Concerning Iribe, he additionally said that with the prepared involvement, Barra will be the ideal individual for the Oculus.

Because of Zuckerberg’s post on Facebook, Barra stated: “I’ve since quite a while ago longed for working in virtual reality exhibit, notwithstanding when the AR/VR just in fiction movies. I gained from the Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said the best commitments of a man in the realm of innovation is to make an achievement and bring it to everybody. I was truly anxious to work in VR exhibit at Facebook, made with individuals like Brendan, Mike Schroepfer, and Oculus group “8JZle