Facebook and Messenger running on Windows 10. Cell phones regularly stark, reaction moderate or even stop the operation halfway. To limit the measure of individuals griping, rather than attempting to advance the Facebook application made solicitations that Windows 10. Cell phones ought to have no less than 2 GB of RAM can run applications Facebook, Messenger.


Windows 10 clients Mobile cell phone Lumia 950 top of the line is not stressed over the farthest point that Facebook propelled. This is not a conclusion to Windows 10 gadgets and low midrange. In any case, clients of Windows 10 Mobile gadgets under 2 GB of RAM will keep on tolerating the irritating issue of use Facebook, Messenger without whining, grumbling to Facebook by their gadgets fizzled structure least that Facebook propelled.

The issue may lie in the source code of the application, so it runs easily we require more RAM than most different Windows Phone applications.

Anyway, trust that Facebook will soon advance their applications so they work better with Windows 10 Mobile gadgets and lower midrange.