Delegates of the Ministry of Information and Communications said that the compensation TV unit to completely transfer channels fundamental, or they would be rebuffed.

Agent Minister of Information and Communications Hoang Vinh Bao talked at the class.

Evening 15/12/2016, in Hanoi, MIC Dissemination Seminar substance of Decree No. 06/2016/ND-CP dated 01/18/2016 of the Government on the administration, arrangement and utilization of administrations radio administrations, TV, and the round controlling Decree 06. Going to the workshop were delegates of radio – TV 31 regions and urban areas in the North, Central telecasters, organizations giving pay TV administrations … Representative Minister Hoang Vinh Bao MIC to the meeting.

The substance is practically intrigued members are characterized on channel programs serving political undertakings, basic data and promulgation. Round 18/2016/TT-MIC has a few new elements contrasted with Circular 09/2012/TT-MIC. Specifically, the quantity of national fundamental channel diminished from 10 to 7 channels channel. Announce 06 extra obligations of single radio gear, pay TV is to have concurrences with substance suppliers to concede to channel flag gathering direct fundamental toward guarantee the specialized necessities, nature of substance and transmission cost of administration conveyance units, and to stay away from the issues that may happen identified with copyright requirements for different units. As indicated by current controls, pay TV unit does not hand-off the full scope of fundamental channels recommended will be authorized for managerial infringement from 10-20 million.


Identified with this arrangement, delegates VTV addressed, if the state has characterized the unit gives pay TV administrations are required to transfer fundamental channels, the TV stations need to pay for different units basic to channel play or not. Since if the compensation TV unit is not basic channel will communicate can be fined 10-20 million. While today VTV to pay for the compensation TV unit to play a fundamental channel VTV1.

Concerning this question, Mr. Nguyen Ha Yen, Deputy Director of Broadcasting and Electronic Information for that, obviously, the compensation TV unit to perform information hand-off channels basic medium drink. Along these lines, the radio makes substance won’t pay the cost of transmission. Directions on communicate channels are fundamental requirements for the compensation TV unit to be submitted when applying for a permit to give administrations. Express the motivation behind such decides must be with the goal that individuals don’t miss channels of state publicity. For basic nearby channels, empowering innovations need to play locally, it doesn’t pay. On account of neighborhood communicate channels fundamental need of different zones to pay for the new transmission unit.

Le Chi Cong, CEO of K +, said that if the state control units give TV administrations, for example, K + to communicate channels basic then these units required transmission that can not table discussion, notwithstanding the absence of storage room additionally should spend to communicate channels recommended fundamental. Be that as it may, if the State or the radio transmission does not pay for the compensation TV unit, it would be unreasonable. For digital TV, the cost is less expensive, however for the cost of paying for satellite transmission lease is exceptionally costly. K + is an expense 1 satellite station rent is $ 85,000 SD/year, it was significantly higher HD. “Undertaking administration of promulgation objectives of the State, the State must pay the costs, why begin now to pay,” says an announcement.

Trinh Long Vu, leader of the article board VTVcab additionally raised remarks on copyright content on fundamental channels. For instance, fundamental VTV1 channel substance is not constituted by VTV generation programs but rather additionally programs authorized by VTV. In the event that such rights to broadcasting just purchasing on advancement, while other foundation, for example, satellite, link or IPTV don’t purchase the copyright. Such is the situation of pay-TV unit to discharge VTV VTV1 it gets to be theft, other basic channels can likewise fall into a similar circumstance ..

His answer is Cong, Nguyen Ha Yen stated, when petitioning for a permit to set up media communications systems and administrations permit to give pay-TV unit to be conferred in the record of accessibility administration level, cost of fundamental communicate directs are additionally dedicated in the dossier. The obligatory communicate channels is fundamental that the important condition for the compensation TV business is authorized. Be that as it may, to bolster telecasters troubles in communicating advanced TV sending plan TV Digitization Fund Public telecom administrations is executing money related bolster bundle transmission station TV satellite basic to cost 2.2 billion/year.