In the wake of opening the container the iPhone 6S Plus seal just purchased fresh out of the box new at Mobile World Yen Bai, was disturbed when clients have found inside only two stones. The time the occurrence is confirmed Mobile World.

As indicated by the pictures and video cuts on the net is spread on 15/10, the work is said to happen at the Mobile World shop in Yen Bai. One client subsequent to purchasing another iPhone 6S Plus seal materials, worth more than 20 million here not long after was vexed when opener has found quite recently inside the stone.


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Presently, the worker Yen Bai Mobile World has changed for the iPhone 6S Plus clients rose gold shading Monday, in any case, inside the two stones are embedded with adornments.

Happen in frameworks such prestigious Mobile World, things have immediately drummed up some excitement for the witnesses and customer groups. Brisk question postured to the item provider, was falsely amid transport to the Mobile World …

Conversing with the morning of 16/10, Mobile World agents have affirmed and said the progressing check whole case.