Absolutely merits the best CPU from AMD in the previous 10 years.

In the occasion the “New Horizon” as of late held yesterday, AMD has authoritatively presented their best CPUs for a long time: CPUs RYZEN utilize Zen design. The most eminent point is the CPU force of the hardly better RYZEN items with comparative particulars Intel Core i7-6900K close with just modest value assess significantly.


In particular, the new parameters of the CPU RYZEN towards top of the line PC clients or desktop framework is very noteworthy: RYZEN processor is timed at 3.4 GHz 8-center, 16-strung, store limit incorporates 4MB of L2 reserve and 20MB L3 reserve 16MB. On the off chance that reference to match Intel, it will be the item RYZEN coordinate rivalry with foundation CPU Intel Core i7-6900K Broadwell-E additionally with clock multiplier 3,7GHz 8, 16 path.

It can be seen on the parameters RYZEN to some degree “substandard” to the greatest clock, yet the real test for unforeseen outcomes: AMD RYZEN outperform Intel items on any test. Amid the occasion, AMD has played out an examination between two CPUs with NVIDIA representation cards TITAN X senior titles with Battlefield 1 fear based oppressor in 4K determination, and the outcome is a higher framerate RYZEN dependably. Likewise, when the Blender benchmark, AMD RYZEN additionally not sub-par result (25,57s than 26,01s), however running at a clock speed and also bring down voltage.


All the more eminently, TDP control utilization of AMD RYZEN is much lower contrasted with the Intel Core i7-6900K: 95W ​​versus 140W. AMD does this in view of a progression of new sensor innovation serves XFR – Extended Frequency Range (augmented length recurrence) bearer was propelled. This innovation permits the CPU to naturally overclock as required, the length of adequate cooling framework permits the temperature reaction and also the voltage does not surpass the predetermined level. The capacity to consequently change on more inconspicuous RYZEN Intel items when there are numerous little alterations no less than 25 MHz in milliseconds, contrasted and Intel’s 100MHz.

What’s more, regardless of the higher execution Core i7-6900K Intel, AMD likewise sold RYZEN cost is half of Intel’s $ 1,000. Expected in the primary quarter of 2017, AMD will authoritatively sold out the whole CPU utilize items Zen engineering. We should keep a watch out what the most recent move from Intel, the more probable Kaby Lake for desktop line will likewise make a big appearance in the meantime.